Monday, February 19, 2007

Let me state what should be obvious

When applying for a job, here are a couple of tips to get you started off on the right foot.

a) After executing the File Merge and dumping the name of the business or institution to which you are applying from the database of all the job listings into the cover letter you have spent mere minutes or infinite hours crafting, it behooves you to check that the font is consistent across all text.
Reason for this tip: The recipient may realize that their job posting is not the only position you are applying to as you search for an escape route from that deadend life-sucking career position you currently hold but said recipient would like to think so.

b) Following the aforementioned File Merge and preceding the licking of the envelope or the clicking of the Send button, confirm that all materials are actually addressed to the business or institution to which said materials are being sent and not the next institute in your alphabetical data base. See Reason as stated above.

We wish you well in your continued job search.

The following may help you in your search for organization, beginning with Visualization Methods. This is so very cool.

In an effort to maintain our goal of attending to diversity as well as mentioning the word "shoe" at least every other posting, we bring you the shoe designed for the Beijing Olympics.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What you'd have heard, had you listened in

It's a sunny day! Let's walk to breakfast.

We do. We begin to walk back. I see a super-ultra-cool thingie hanging in a window. Not only is it cool but it brings together two of my interests: mobiles and cut glass. I see this thing hanging there and realize that I would never have combined the idea of a mobile with the media of glass. I look at The T and say, "Just smack me and tell me how stupid I am."

The T, to me: Contrary to what you believe, I do not enjoy advertising your stupidity.

And this is why we've made it together for 10 years.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Just so you know, I'm thinking of you

A few quickies while I continue my countdown to the iPhone's release date.

First they put wheels in kid shoes. Now they've moved on to the adults. Fasionable yet deadly high heel? Sensible and restrained low high? Why not both?

Says the designer: "The high-heeled shoe is a classic example of a no pain, no gain product. Women wearing them take so much trouble for granted! I decided to challenge this compromise. Would it be possible to make a shoe having all advantages of high heels, just as well as the comfort of flats?

via Core77

If that did nothing but get your shoe-mojo going, be sure to check out the Virtual Shoe Museum. I for one was heard to say many, many times, "Wha' the f*&^ is that?"

Feelin' hungry? Have a trilobite.

Says the chef: Trilobites are extinct marine animals which lived gazillions of years ago. Real trilobites may or may not have tasted like chicken. (who knows?)

Just in case you want even more feline chic. These shelves are way too cool.

Wondering where the real cat has gotten off to? Check by the door on your way out. This is totally what we've been looking for to prevent that morning panic of "ohfudgewherearemykeys/glasses/phone/mind?"

Til next time.