Monday, November 30, 2009


T'was neither the alarm clock, nor the radio kicking on, nor the hour
of the morning that got me moving today.

T'was the sound of a cat puking and the need to find the mess before I
forgot it existed and inadvertantly stepped in it later.

Oh, my life is rich.

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Tongue Trip said...

ewwww what a start. i hope the cat feels better though and theres no repeat of such a morning in your `rich life' lol

Cheryl Patterson said...

...And such a unique sound that is, isn't it - cats regurgitating! I've been there, and yes, sheepishly admit to forgetting about it at the time too, and noticing dried up opaque spots, filled with hairballs later on!
;-) Details only a cat lover or owner (past) can understand, and not be really affected by it (physically).

All the best to you, and your cats - a presence I definitely miss in my home.


JasonBSchmidt said...


Tanthie said...

The funniest blog post I've ever accidentally stumbled upon. :D

Cats are lovely. <3